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Oigen & Naked Pan launch in Australia

October 23, 2011 0 comments
oigen naked pan

On Wednesday 19th October 2011 Chef’s Armoury hosted the official launch of Oigen and Naked Pan cast iron cookware at the Electrolux Showcase, Sydney.

Chef's Armoury and Sokyo restaurant team at Electrolux

Chef’s Armoury and Sokyo restaurant team at Electrolux

Oigen's Naked Pan cast iron cookware range

Oigen’s Naked Pan range

Oikawa san, President of Oigen Foundry welcomed an intimate group of Australia’s food and green media along with a contingent of high profile chefs, most of whom have first hand experience with Oigen cookware.

Oigen President Oikawa san

Oigen President Oikawa san

Oikawa san’s message was clear – her goal was to produce high quality, sustainable cookware made to last 100 years.

Tetsuya and President Oikawa san

Oigen President Oikawa san and Tetsuya

Oigen traditional cast iron cookware

Oigen have been making cast iron cookware for over 100 years

Chase Kojima – ex Nobu group was the star act of night demo’ing Oigen’s cast iron cookware to a captive audience.

Chase used Oigen’s cast iron grill at low temp to gently cook fillets of flounder with a sake and gruyere buerre blanc. “The even heat holds temperature even when you put in cold food,” he points out.

Chase Kojima’s beautiful wagyu t-bone

Next dish was a wagyu t-bone. The t-bone was initially cooked sous vide with a light marinade and finished on a searing hot Oigen cast iron grill. “I can crank the grill up really high so I can get the outside crisp”.

tasting plates, Oigen cast iron cookware launch

Oigen’s cast iron cookware is perfect for cooking at high temperatures as the outside sears evenly and quickly while the inside remains juicy.
After resting, the t-bone was sliced and served with an assortment of dipping sauces including yuzu kosho.

Chase Kojima

Chase Kojima of Sokyo at The Star

We walked away from the night with two thoughts, can’t wait for Chase’s Sokyo restaurant to open next month and we’re so excited to introduce Oigen cast iron cookware to Australia.


Oigen dutch ovens

Oigen dutch ovens on display at Electrolux

See more photos from the event.

Photos by Dexter Choong, Lumiere Photographie.

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