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Tarte Tatin Recipe: Fig

November 28, 2011 0 comments
tarte tatin recipe

We love tarte tatin … for morning, afternoon and evening.


Individual Fig Tarte Tatin Recipe


  • 1 large fig cut in three slices
  • 50g caster sugar
  • 25g chopped butter at room temperature
  • frozen puff pastry


  • Pre heat oven to 220 degrees C
  • Place tapas pan lid over pastry and cut a disk the same size as the pan. Place pastry in the fridge.
  • Mix a little water with sugar until you have a sugar ‘slurry’. Add slurry to pan and put over med-high heat. Let sugar simmer until golden brown and turn off heat.
Oigen tapas pan

Heat up the sugar slurry in your Oigen tapas pan lid

  • Add butter and lightly mix through. Arrange sliced fig on pan and top with pastry disk.
oigen pan

Add fresh figs

  • Put the tapas pan lid on an oven tray and place in oven. Be careful not to burn yourself. Cook until pastry is golden (about 8 minutes)
  • Remove from oven and let cool for 3 minutes before turning out onto a plate.
  • Let cool before serving.
  • Serve with a wedge of lemon and double cream or deli yoghurt on the side

tarte tatin recipe

Chef’s tips

  • After removing from the oven, flatten the pastry a little to make it easier to turn out
  • Experiment with fruits in season. If you’d like to use a juicier fruit like blood orange, squeeze some of the juice out so the finished pastry is not too wet
  • You can use the base of the tapas pan to make tarte tatin as well, although we recommend a smaller disk of pastry. If you use the same recipe the final result will be more caramel like and less like toffee.

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