Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware – Maintenance

February 14, 2011 1 Comment
cast iron maintenance

Taking care of your cast iron cookware

Unlike other pans, cast iron cookware actually improves with age. Here are a few tips to help your iron pans grow old gracefully.

  • Never put a cast iron pot or pan directly on high heat. Always use a medium heat and let the heat build.
  • Always wait for the pan to become hot before adding ingredients as the food will stick.
  • When washing, wait for the iron pan to cool down first. Don’t put water in the hot pan or it may warp. It will also wash the oil out of the pores.
  • Season your cast iron pan every couple of months (or as needed) to maintain a natural non-stick surface
  • If cooking simmered or wet dishes, season your cast iron pan after each use.
  • Never use a metal brush or metal scourer to wash the pan. Use a plastic or bristle brush instead.
  • Unless the pan is really greasy only use hot water for cleaning, no detergent. If you do happen to use detergent, make sure you season the pan again afterwards.
  • Do not wash iron pans in the dishwasher – the chemicals will strip out the oils in your seasoned pan
  • When storing for a long time rub the surface with a little oil and wrap in a tea towel.
  • Do not drop an iron pan as it may crack (or break your foot)
  • Always dry your pan completely before storage, you can dry on the stovetop on a low heat for 3-5 minutes.
  • Never store food or liquid in your cast iron pot as it will react with the iron surface.

Your Oigen cast iron cookware will last a lifetime if you can follow these simple maintenance tips. Enjoy.

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