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Matcha Green Tea Dorayaki Recipe

August 7, 2010 2 Comments
dorayaki recipe

Have you ever made matcha dorayaki?

Dorayaki are Japanese pancake sandwiches with sweet fillings. Traditionally the fillings are made with red azuki beans but you will also find them filled with custard, black sesame, cinnamon paste and different flavoured creams.

Dorayaki traditionally look like 2 gongs or cymbals joined together (as below) but we have chosen to make our dorayaki more fat with extra filling.

Dorayaki with sweetened red bean filling

Traditional dorayaki shaped like gongs with sweetened red bean filling

Serves: 8 – 10
Preparation time: 5 mins + 20 mins resting
Cooking time: 4 mins a batch


  • 3 eggs
  • 150gm Japanese white sugar
  • 5gm matcha powder
  • 175ml water
  • Tbsp corn syrup or glucose
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 180gm plain flour (cake flour is best)
  • Oil for cooking
  • Some pre-prepared chunky style red bean paste


1.     Whisk eggs and sugar till glossy
2.     Sift the flour and matcha powder three times
3.     Combine the water, baking powder and corn syrup
4.     Slowly add the sifted flour into the egg mix while whisking, followed by the liquids

Dorayaki batter

Dorayaki batter with matcha

5.     Mix well and set aside for approx 20 mins, after 20 mins the consistency may need adjusting with a little water
6.     Cook Dorayaki in a pan over medium heat (180C) till bubbles appear and are nicely browned all over

matcha green tea pancakes

Cooking the matcha pancakes

7.     Served sandwiched together with prepared red bean or your favourite fillings

Chefs Tips

  • Keep the pan greased between batches
  • Use a heavy based cast iron pan
  • Check the heat isn’t too high
  • Use the best quality matcha you can afford as cheap matcha has no flavour

Enjoy with freshly brewed tea or coffee


Green tea goodness

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Lynn August 9, 2010 at 3:44 am


I think the order of your directions got a little bit out of order.

Chef's Armoury August 9, 2010 at 7:46 am

Thanks for the pickup, all fixed now.


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