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Japanese food

There is a whole world of Japanese Food beyond Sushi. We will add our tips and tricks on recreating authentic tasty Japanese dishes. Not just recipes but information on decoding one of the most misunderstood cuisines on the planet. Read articles on Japanese food history, food culture, the odd product review and of course Japanese recipes.

Travel in Japan

One of the best perks about Chef’s Armoury is the destinations we travel to. Join us on a photographic journey through our tours and detours on the ground in Japan.

Japanese knives

Everyone has their Yen and at Chef’s Armoury, Japanese knives is ours. Here we dig a little deeper as we feature styles of knives, their history and uncover stories about the those who make the finest blades in the world.


About Chef’s Armoury

Chef’s Armoury is a specialist in Japanese kitchen knives, Japanese cookware, knife sharpening and essential Japanese ingredients.

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