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Green Tea Parfait Bliss, Namba Parks

April 15, 2012 0 comments
green tea parfait

Shopping in Japan is exhausting and it is amazing what a little green tea and a whole lot of sugar can do to recharge your enthusiasm.

The Namba Parks branch of Nana’s Green Tea makes a great pit stop for the husband who has seen too many pairs of shoes. Although there are savoury options on the menu lets not kid ourselves into believing we are not here for the green tea and sugar fix.
nana's green tea

Highly recommend heading straight for a green tea parfait made with matcha icecream, matcha jelly, red bean paste and matcha cake.

Matcha parfait with red bean paste - anko

Just in case there is not enough green tea in the parfait wash it down with a caffeine charged hot matcha (or short green as I like to call them).


Freshly brewed matcha

Ready for more shopping.

Namba Parks 5F, 2-10-70

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