Playing With Balls – A Molecular Gastronomy Class

reverse spherification, molecular gastronomy, mg, miso soup
Reverse spherification of miso soup

Today at Chef’s Armoury we explored the modernist cooking technique of spherification. Apart from a string of entertaining innuendoes there was some serious banter about how to use Sodium Alginate and Calcium solutions to create whimsical yet tasty culinary creations.

spherification class, mg, molecular gastronomy class

If you love balls as much as we do try one of our upcoming molecular gastronomy classes.

Here are some photos from today’s spherification class …


Making Melon Caviar – Direct Spherification

molecular gastronomy, mg, chefs tools

The workbench – A sharp Japanese knife, honeydew melon, digital scale, sodium alginate solution and Caviar Maker.

molecular gastronomy, mg, caviar maker

Professional MG Caviar Maker – available from Chef’s Armoury

molecular gastronomy, mg, caviar

Uploading syringes of fresh rockmelon and honeydew juice.

caviar maker, professional caviar maker

Spheres of melon caviar quickly form after being dropped in a bath of calcium chloride.

melon caviar, molecular gastronomy, mg

Melon caviar  was washed in hot and cold water to remove the calcium chloride.

melon caviar, mg, mg class

Ready for tasting.


Reverse Spherification of Miso Soup

sodium alginate solution

0.5% sodium alginate solution was used for the setting bath.

reverse spherification, molecular gastronomy, mg

Leigh serves up Japanese seaweed – wakame – using moribashi garnishing chopsticks

reverse spherification, molecular gastronomy, mg, miso soup

Warning – explosion of miso soup may occur if opening your mouth during consumption


Reverse Spherification of Coffee Jelly

reverse spherification, molecular gastronomy, mg

Time for dessert.

molecular gastronomy, mg, mg dessert

Syringes are very handy – no fuss, no mess

molecular gastronomy, mg, coffee jelly shots

Simply add in the coffee jelly.

mg coffee jelly shot, molecular gastronomy, mg

A happy ending – Coffee jelly with a juicy liquid centre floating in sweet milkiness.

4 Responses to Playing With Balls – A Molecular Gastronomy Class

  1. Maann,I miss this store,used to be one of my favorite store when I was still in sydney, they have bunch of beautiful knives and any sort of japanese tool,
    The owner was a nice guy as well, definitely will go there again when I go to sydney next time
    Oh, and they have several cool classes

  2. Wow! This looks incredible. I should give this class as a present to my husband – he has long been fascinated with all things molecular.
    Did you guys end up going to Tapas Molecular Bar at Mandarin Oriental?
    Any trusted sources on what is REALLY happening in Japan? Will it ever be the same? :(

  3. What’s really happening in Japan … We’ve been told that people are panicking, food stores are being emptied and there is a general sense of uneasyiness and worry. Some companies are even temporarily relocating their offices south, just in case.

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